Data-Driven Decision Support for Improved Water Security in
East Africa


Project Summary

This project addresses the Water Security priority technical area. The overall goal of the project is to provide water information, data access, and decision support to improve water resources (quantity, quality) management and, ultimately, water security in East Africa. Specifically, to:

1) Develop a broad dataset describing trends and current and future states of water resources in the study region.

2) Provide results, data, and base model parameters in such a way that these are easily discoverable, accessible, ready to use, and free.

3) Provide training to water managers, related personnel, and other stakeholders on the use and interpretation of the results, data, and other materials developed through this project.

The key research question to be addressed is: “What are the current, and potential future states of water resources in the study areas with regard to water budgets, water quality, and climatic shocks that affect water availability and use?”.

Project Leads

Board Member
Prof. Margaret W. Gitau
Purdue University, USA
Board Member
Dr. Daniel N. Moriasi
USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory, USA
Board Member
Dr. Nicholas Kiggundu
Makerere University, Uganda
Board Member
Dr. Subira Eva Munishi
University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Research Translation Partners

Board Member
Prof. Bancy M. Mati
Resource Plan (Kenya)
Board Member
Dr. Victor Kongo
Global Water Partnership Tanzania (GWP-TZ), Tanzania
Board Member
Mr. James Kisekka
Stichting Aidenvironment (RAIN, Uganda), Uganda

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